Saturday, December 31, 2016

One word 2017

I gave up making New Years Resolutions some time ago. Those lengthy lists of tasks I would once again fail at within a couple of weeks brought no positives.

What I adopted instead was the One Word movement, a fabulous way of keeping your focus on what you want for the year ahead. The idea is simple - you choose one word that embodies your hopes for the year ahead and then you come back to that word throughout the year as a way of refocusing yourself on your chosen path.

In 2015 my word was Fresh - "Fresh starts, fresh air, fresh food, fresh thoughts". 

Last year it was Depth - "From focusing on meaningful relationships with friends and family to putting my all into new projects instead of half-hearted attempts of 'could do better'.

I still like those choices, and I'm hoping to hang on to them both for the year to come too.

But if 2016 taught me anything it's that you never know what's around the corner. Because just as I was launching in to my 'new year, new me' January I was told that I was to be let go from the job that I'd worked in for over 5 years. It was a terrifying time and the support and understanding of friends, family, acquaintances and even strangers is what got me through it.

So I made some plans, signed up to a course, wrote, networked, and joy of joys managed to land myself an absolute dream job not too long later,

2016 was also a year of music, love, travel, accomplishments and, perhaps most surprisingly of all, giving up alcohol. I never, ever thought that I'd be doing that.

And so with lessons learned and reflections considered I've found my word for 2017. It's an odd one for me to be honest. My word this year is - Goals.

It's not a word I would have chosen a year ago. It's a bit too direct and forthright. But now it just seems right. And while I mulled over 'perseverance' and 'belief' - I realised that they were both simply tools for me to achieve the goals - so I've gone straight for the target instead.

Whether it's work goals, writing goals, fitness goals, or family goals - for me having the long-term accomplishment in sight will help me put in the short-term work.

This time next year I want to be able to list the projects that I stuck at and achievements that I ticked off.

2017, I think I'm ready for you.

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