Wednesday, September 21, 2016

School Reviewer - An unmissable FREE resource for UK parents

If you are a parent chances are your questions and worries about what school they will go to, how they are getting on, what the next step will be... began long before you signed any registration form. As parents we worry and we question, that's our job.

For parents in the UK there is now a wonderful resource to help you not only choose the right school for your child, but also chat to other parents, watch invaluable videos on specific exam paper questions, view catchment areas, buy and sell uniforms and other items, find tutors in your area and much more.

School Reviewer previously provided a database of detailed profiles, academic data and OFSTED reports. The number of establishments currently covered is apporx 40k. is the only site in the UK that not only gives parents the invaluable stats and knowledge about every UK school at every level,  it also lets them know which homes fall into which catchment areas.  

The site allows parents to talk with other parents on school forums, both individually as single schools and nationally.

It’s also the only site with walk through question by question downloadable videos for GCSE math’s, SATS and 11+ papers.  The only one to show how a 100% A+ grade can be scored on all papers. It's an impressive resource. The mathematics consultant is a maths teacher at Surrey University who has over 30 years experience in teaching all levels of maths, and who currently sets and marks the national papers such as SATS and GCSE.

It is also the only site with a unique buy and sell section that allows parents to sell old, outgrown and no longer needed school items - something that almost all of us could do with after totting up those back to school costs.

It is also the only site that is also recruiting tutors for free on its site so all parents will have access to the right and nearest tutors to help their children again through their educational journey.

Clever doesn't even come close!

The site's main aim is to guide parents through the whole school experience - from rating available schools in their catchment area, to discussing tips and issues with other parents, to sourcing or selling on related items, to getting the very best grades for their child. It's a wholesome approach that takes on an impressive amount of details in order to provide a one stop site covering everything parents may need.

The site is constantly being updated and improved, with new resources being added all the time.

Whether you're starting out on the educational path, or nearing the end of your school journey - it is well worth a look.

Even Baroness Karen Brady thinks so. You can see her interview live on School Reviewer website now.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. 

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