Tuesday, September 1, 2015

What makes your heart sing?

Last weekend I sat in a packed room full of strangers listening to an old guy playing on a guitar. As I leaned forward with an involuntary smile on my face, all the stresses of the week fell away, my heart soared and I realised THIS MATTERS.

For me music is one of those things that makes my heart sing. Whether it's live music, car blaring music, drunk dancing music - it's one of those Life things that are just important to me.

What makes your heart sing?

Which got me thinking - what else makes my heart sing?

Before the thought even finished I'm in the cold sea on a hot day, surrounded by blue hues and a strange peace. Man I love the sea. *heart sings*

What makes your heart sing?

What else? Running? Running downhill. Running downhill in a forest. Check. The joy of the crest of that hill and how you suddenly come alive as your heartbeat thickens.

Travel. Not necessarily the getting there travel but the being there travel. New country, new scenery, new culture to explore. I've been lucky enough to have visited London, Dorset, The Peak District, New York and even Lapland in the past year - and am looking forward to adding Portugal to that list in a few weeks time.

What makes your heart sing?

Mountains. The pinnacle of The Great Outdoors. Where you get to throw your arms out wide and hug the world. I think I may have passed this particular joy on to someone else...

What makes your heart sing?

Obviously my kids make my heart explode with love daily, but that's a different kind of heart singing - it's a low, slow lullaby of love rather than a 'Yeah! This is living!' kind of high five to life. Maybe that's just me though... Of course those moments that you actually engage and watch and listen - those are the moments that matter. And sleeping - kids sleeping are definite joy makers.

What makes your heart sing?

Anyway, the point is that I think we all need to ask ourselves these questions more often.
Life can be one hard slog if we let it, so stop and ask ask yourself now - What matters? What makes my heart sing?

Then go forth and fill your life will more of it. Happy heart - happy you - happy life. 

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