Monday, March 16, 2015

Mass and kids - not always a great combination


I took the kids to mass yesterday.

As it's Marley's communion year we're supposed to be going as much as possible - which isn't really often enough in our case. So what with it being Mother's Day I thought I would use the emotional blackmail I had on hand and get all three of them to go.

I knew it could be trouble when we sat down waiting for the start and Baxter asked loudly if mass was nearly over now. Oh dear.

As the 'bor-rrring' mass went on his behaviour got worse and worse - lying down on the bench, sighing loudly and asking could we go yet.

Annoyingly I had uncharacteristically cleared my handbag out a few days previously so the usual raisons \ pens \ toy car supply was non-existent. All I had at my disposal to amuse him was the mass missalette. Great fun.

So we devised a game. He sat on my lap and pointed out any words he knew how to read. We got a good five minutes out of that one.

Then I pointed out the word G-O-D and asked him to find all the other instances of the word on the page.


- he exclaimed all pleased with himself. 

'And there!' 

- he said a little louder. 

I shushed him, asking him to whisper - but he took it as a sign to start shouting.

- he pronounced to the amused congregation as he pointed out the words.


Well at least somebody did. We slunk out of the church shortly after.

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