Saturday, December 6, 2014

Marco Polo on Netflix: Is it any good?

On 12th Dec Netflix unveil their latest and great series 'Marco Polo' to the world.

A massive $90 million production filmed in Italy, Malaysia and Kazakhstan, Marco Polo is being billed as the new Game of Thrones - just with more history and a lot less fantasy.

The story of Marco Polo is told to us over twelve episodes. How he came as a young Italian merchant to the court of Kublai Khan in 13th Century China, was left there as a bargaining pawn by his father and how he used his wits to survive and flourish in the brutal new world he found himself in.


Having just returned from the première screening in New York (yes really!) I can report that it is truly stunning. Epic battles, glorious scenery, sexual intrigue, greed and betrayal abound, as well and fascinating characters such as the Blue Princess, Hundred Eyes and of course the very talented and gorgeous Lorenzo Richelmy as Marco Polo himself. 

Oh look  - there we are...

Me and Lorenzo. Swoon. 

Watching the two hour première show it was hard to believe that Lorenzo not only had to learn extreme horse riding skills and martial arts, but also the English language from scratch. Hugely impressive stuff.

The rest of the characters are equally brilliant. Tom Wu (Kick Ass) plays Hundred Eyes - Marco's blind martial arts trainer. Zhu Zhu (Cloud Atlas) - a huge actress in her own right in China, plays Marco's love interest Kokachin. Benedict Wong is also larger than life as the infamous Kublai Khan.

Image: Netflix

Remi Hill playing Prince Jingim one of Kublai Khan's many sons in the series.

And with me at the première...

Written and created by John Fusco, and with the backing by the great Harvey Weinstein Marco Polo is sure to be another big Netflix hit.

Even Boo from their other hit show Orange is the New Black agrees....

My sister wining and dining with the stars at the after show party. 

So don't miss out - make sure you're watching on the 12th Dec. You can thank me after.
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