Thursday, August 28, 2014

A five minute guide to school run make up on a budget - I'm in The Sun!

I'm in The Sun newspaper today. Something I never thought I'd hear myself say it has to be said. And no it's not on page 3, though I have a word or two to say on that for sure.

No - I've teamed up with the indomitable Mrs. Crunch to talk school run make up - on a budget.

There are so many great budget buys out there now that it's often hard to come up with an excuse for forking out on the luxury stuff. Though I do love a bit of lux packaging...

Anyway, pop over to Mrs. Crunches Corner for some great products that won't break the bank. Ok the morning bath or shower might be pushing it a little but the rest - no excuse. If I can find 5 minutes so can you!

And it really isn't a luxury to spend 5 minutes on yourself in the morning. You'll feel brighter, happier and more ready to face the day.

Give it a go!
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