Saturday, March 29, 2014

Scooters for schools, plus WIN! brand new Micro Scooter Balance Bikes

Anyone who knows me know how much I love Micro Scooters. We've been fans for years and it's not only their scooters that float my boat, I just love how the company operates and how lovely the people behind it are. 

Last year they launched an iniative to revamp your old scooters so that they could pass them on to less fortunate children to love all over again, and over the past 4 years they have supported in excess of 250 schools, and donated over £10,000 to schools’ fundraising activities across England, Scotland and Wales.

This year they are going a step further and launching Scooters for Schools which basically allows parents and teachers to earn money or scooters for their school.

For lots more information on it click here

And that's not all. If you thought Micro Scooters couldn't get any better - just look at their fabulous new product! I adore these new balance bikes but am a bit cross that Micro Scooters brought them out just as my youngest is too big for them...

To see more on these awesome bikes just pop over to Micro Scooters. 

PLUS - if you fancy winning one of these new balance bikes just pop over to on Facebook for our fabulous new competition!

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