Monday, April 29, 2013

Designer Kids Clothes - Sponsored Post

Did I mention I was going on holiday?

Really? Where to you ask? Oh, only Florida, but you know, I'm not one to boast....

I may have mentioned the pre-holiday shopping blitz that took place last week, that saw me spending more than I had earned with the very store I was earning with....  It reminded me of when I worked in a nightclub in the 90's. At 3am the bar staff would all be handed their brown envelopes stuffed with that weeks cash by The Management, and then we would proceed to sit on the other side of the bar and hand it all back to them. Pitiful.

Anyway I digress, the last virtual (turned actual) shopping tour was solely about me, now it's time take a look at what the kids need....

I've just been told about a simply gorgeous kids clothes site called Alex & Alexa. It's full of delights from the likes of Stella McCarthy, Ralph Lauren and Burberry - so if you like your minis super stylish it might just be the place for you. Obviously with the types of designers on offer it's not cheap, but for the purposes of this post I decided to pick out a money-is-no-object outfit for each of my three.

For the eight year old girl:

For the six year old boy:

And for the 4 year old trouble maker:

Some of the baby summer swimwear on offer would almost make me broody again. How cute is this?

 (I did say almost. It's obviously not THAT cute but still...)

*Sigh*.This online designer shopping certainly beats losing the kids in the bargain bin in Primark...

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post however all words are my own.

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