Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Helping You Find Healthy

I've been pondering a lot on health recently. Coming up to hitting 40 will do that to you.

I'd like to think I'm pretty healthy and having signed up for a half marathon next month I'm probably as fit as I've been for many years. However.... there's lots of things I know I could improve on. Cutting down on red meat, drinking more water, not eating sugar filled treats every day, and most of all stopping drinking are on my 'be more healthy' wish list.

So when I was asked to have a look at Bupa's new find healthy campaign I was intrigued. To be honest I've been browsing it for the last couple of hours and it looks really really good to me. It's packed full of different questionnaires and Bupa apps that help you check and reassess your own health for free.

So far I've checked my risk of heart problems(very low - yay for me!), completed my health age calculator (health age is 37), and my drinking. The drinking result was based on what I drank yesterday so I smugly put in just one (large) glass of red wine. The result? Well see for yourself:

  • I guess there's no hiding from the facts is there? Drinking even a large glass of wine regularly dramatically increases your chances of all sorts of health problems. Now I'm not going to give up altogether - but I'm definitely going to be more aware from now on.  And maybe buy some smaller glasses.
    Next on my list is the Bupa Fitness App which assesses your level of fitness and can help improve it. If you are even a teeny tiny bit interested in your own health then pop over to the dedicated page on Bupa to look through the different quizzes, tools and calculators. A word of warning though - it is a little addictive. A bit like that large glass of red....

    This is a sponsored post. 

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