Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year. New Challenges.

So 2013. Here you are. And here I am. The year I turn 40.

I've selected a few challenges for us to complete together over the coming months: 12 months, 12 tasks.

Once I write them here it is the law that they will be done, so now there's no going back.

So here we go...

1. Do a triathlon. (8)

2. Run in a 10k race. (3)

3. Swim 100 lengths. (7)

4. Have a party. (4)

5. Learn a song on the guitar. (9)

6. Enter a short story competition. (11)

7. Organise family photos. (10)

8. Take my daughter for afternoon tea in a posh restaurant. (1)

9. Go camping. (5)

10. Send birthday cards to my friends. (6)

11. Eat at a Michelin starred restaurant. (2)

12. Finish the first draft of my book. (12)

You look good to me 2013. Don't let me down now.

(The number in brackets is the likelihood of it actually happening. So, possible, probable, no chance in hell......What do you reckon? )
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