Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Gallery: Sport. (Otherwise entitled: 'I may have made a foolish decision')

One week ago, some time in between having a drunken conversation with a (very fit) friend and a morning coffee with my (very fit) brother, I somehow made the decision to do a triathlon.

I know. My own jaw is hitting the floor as I write this and I may have broken out in a cold sweat that has nothing to do with exercise.

And just to add a little extra excitement to the fateful decision - the triathlon that I have signed up to is in 17 days 21 hours and 54 minutes.

The realisation of what I need to do has now dawned on me. Not only do I have to swim 750m in the open water, cycle 16k on a borrowed bike and then run 4k on very wobbly legs - I need to figure out how to get a wetsuit off whilst running to my bike, work out what exactly I'm supposed to wear under it before I strip off, and try not to get lost when I'm bringing up the rear of the competition with no one in sight to follow.

(Excuse me a moment whilst I hyperventilate.)

And now I've made another foolish decision by telling the world. Then again if anyone out there has any experience of triathlons and would like to offer some words of wisdom I'm all ears.

Because to be honest they're the only thing that aren't aching right now.


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