Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dublin City Triathlon - A race day recap

So remember that fateful decision I made a few weeks ago to do a triathlon...? Well I thought I'd do a race day rundown for anyone interested. You never know - it could be you next year :)

On Sunday morning at 6.30 I tiptoed out of the house on my way to my first triathlon.

Too tired to be properly panicked (yet) my brother and I drove in silence to Dublin, my head full of race day checklists, his full of hangover. Only on arrival did I get to appreciate the beautiful sunshine that surrounded us - a huge bonus.

Dublin City Triathlon 2012

The triathlon started in waves with the Olympic distance first (complete with an actual Olympian taking part) and then the Sprint distance (although anyone who calls a 600m swim, 16k cycle and 4k run a 'sprint' must be deluded). 

This meant that we were hanging around for a few hours - giving us plenty of time to get into full on panic mode. 

Dublin City Triathlon 2012

By this time I had a personal drip of Rescue Remedy hooked up.

Dublin City Triathlon 2012

The swim (600m in the infamously grubby River Liffey) was tough but after a mild anxiety attack and a few breaststrokes I finally got into my rhythm. The pre-race information of 'beware of Weils disease' and 'stay out of the reeds 'cause that where the rodents go' probably didn't help...

Dublin City Triathlon

My poor brother either got tried of hanging around and went for a coffee or (as he says) was too busy cheering so didn't get any pictures of the bike ride. You'll have to take my word for it that it existed and I actually did it. The course ran through the Phoenix Park and was perfect.

Next up was the run and after jelly-legs at the start I actually enjoyed it. Coming into the finish and seeing my kids with their homemade flags was the perfect reward.

Dublin City Triathlon 2012
Image: Pixels Promotions

Dublin City Triathlon is brilliantly run by Piranha Triathlon Club.  Oh, and if anyone from there is reading this - I lost my hat and goggles and can't possibly do another one of these unless I get them back...
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