Saturday, January 28, 2012

Listography - Top 5 Websites

This week's Listography looks your Top 5 Most Commonly Used Websites.

You know, the ones that appear on your Google homepage or at the top of your bookmarks bar. The ones that you click into daily without even thinking about it.

Here's mine. The fact that they are all blog related and not one shopping site features is quite concerning and will have to be remedied very soon.

1. Blogger Dashboard.
Want to look behind the scene at Kate Takes 5? No? Well tough luck:
 Fascinating stuff I know.

2. Twitter.
For those days when work can wait...

3.  Netmums Parent Bloggers Network.
I could spend my life on here. In fact I pretty much do.

4. Mr. Linky
How else would I stay up to date with my lists?

5. My Facebook Page
What do you mean you haven't liked it?

Actually my Facebook Page has been sadly neglected as everything has been going to my Kate Takes profile by mistake. Damn Facebook confused me and pretended I was set up correctly. I think I've outsmarted it this time though...

I realise that this is a pretty sad list. Now I need you guys to help save me and show me some great new sites. So, what are your Top 5 Most Commonly Used Websites?

Join in by writing your post on your own blog and then coming back here to linky up. And don't forget to visit some of the other entries too.

Now, time to close down Blogger and start exploring.

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