Friday, November 11, 2011

Top 5 Toys for Christmas (as voted by Parent Bloggers)

A couple of weeks ago I ran this Listography to get Parent Bloggers to vote for their Top 5 Toys of all time.

Toys that your children have loved and looked after, toys that would go the distance and not be consigned to the post-Christmas scrap heap by 26th December.
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Thanks to all of you who voted on your blogs and on Twitter. Over 80 toys got a mention altogether, but the clear winners are listed below. These are the toys that us Parent Bloggers are happy to stand over and say 'go ahead -spend your hard earned pennies on them, you won't regret it'.

So ignore all the faddy 'Top Toys for Christmas' lists and go with these instead. Tried and tested by Parents rather than compiled by Marketers:

1. Lego
Far and away the winner here was Lego. It's not hard to understand why, generations have played with it and loved it, built castles and fortresses, cars and boats, kept it in attics, passed it on, passed it down, and ok, maybe cursed it once or twice having trodden on it in the middle of the night in bare feet. But that's ok Lego - we forgive you!

2. Bike \ Scooter
These two are grouped together because a number of you voted for them as one. So if your little lad already has a scooter it might be time for Father Christmas to splash out on a bike this year...

3. Dolls \ Dolls Accessories.
Barbies, Sindys, Baby Annabelle, prams, cots - they all featured highly on your lists. If there's one thing a little girl loves it's pretending to be Mummy, (and speaking from experience if there's one thing a little boy likes it's mowing people down with his sisters dolls pram).

4. Dolls House \ Train Track
Ranking in joint forth place it's a Dolls House for the girls and a Train Track for the boys. Those two are classics for a good reason.

5. Board Games
In fifth place we have Board Games which ranked just one vote higher than the highest ranking electronic game on the list - the Nintendo DS. Perhaps that's just us getting all nostalgic but I think encouraging 'family games night' rather than 'play-alone DS night' can only be a good thing (plus just think of the cost!!)

So there you have it, the Top Toys for Christmas as voted by Parent Bloggers. Happy shopping everyone!

(The list was originally going to be a Top 10 but so many toys ranked equally lower down the list that I just took the clear favourites instead). 

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