Monday, October 3, 2011

Do you short-change your kids on their food?

Otherwise titled 'Hurry up and finish those Super Noodles the lobster's nearly ready'.

We're a foodie family. Talk about it, read about it, cook it, eat it, love it. I've always been rather smug about our cooking from scratch ethos and have enjoyed becoming a better cook following years and years of forced practice.

Problem is my kids have been missing out.

Whilst I've been kidding myself that we're all healthy eaters I've suddenly realised that we are, but they're not.

This week their dinners have included cheesy pasta, cheesy 'special' pasta (that would be tortellini for anyone who's not in this family), pizza, and chicken nuggets and chips (homemade - phew!).

Meanwhile my husband and I have been eating coq au vin, fajhitas, Sicilian tuna linguine and chilli con carne.

So it seems I better hang on to my napkin to wipe that smug smile off my face and get down to some child friendly cooking.

Suggestions anyone?

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