Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sunny spells and scattered showers

Shrouded in mist, the outlook's appalling.
Pressure is rising and temperature's falling.
Sunny spells and scattered showers
And still it rains for hours and hours.

This week I am reminded of that wonderful song by Mary Coughlan, My Land is too Green. 

I'm not being deep or symbolic or anything. It's just that it keep pissing down. Currently it's pouring at the back of the house and the sun is shining out the front. I know the whole April showers rhyme and all, but it's nearly June and this has been going on for far too long.

To add to my annoyance my husband is English. Yes I know that statement in itself is enough for some of you, but what I mean is that the weather is always better in England. A point he makes at least once a day and pretty much every time he turns on the TV.

On Football Focus:
'See? Sun is shining in Portsmouth again. They don't call it the Sunny South Coast for nothing'.

'Really darling, I haven't actually heard that before. Oh wait - that's actually what you've told me every week since we met in the 90's'.

On The Apprentice:
'Quick, quick! Pause that'*

'What? What happened?'

TV is paused on an aerial shot of London.

'Ah London. I love London. And look - the sun is shining there'.

Of course this weather issue also allows him to bring up every other reason why it would be great to live in England rather than Ireland. As soon as the great grey sky discussion takes place it opens the flood gates to the other issues - the prices, the negative equity, the lack of decent curry houses, the places to go, the choices available. The list is seemingly bottomless, and if it isn't we can easily just go back over the same old ground again.

Problem is there's a lot of it I can't argue with. 

But here we are - in my home town, in my home country, whilst he remains an Englishman abroad.

So I guess I will have to continue weathering the weather conversations whilst he simply weathers the weather. 

 *(He doesn't actually say that - there is no way I would be allowed to hold the remote if he was in the room). 


  1. Portsmouth does have pretty good weather to be fair...

    Says she currently being windswept across the city whilst it rains in my eyes...

  2. I am fed up of this rain too. I felt so energetic in April when it was gorgeous,now I'm flipping back to wearing the winter wardrobe aghh

  3. Cold, wet and miserable in Somerset for most of the day (although the sky is blue right now).

  4. Hahaha! I'm usually the one in our house carrying on about how the weather is better where I come in the States. Except not anymore, now that it's sunny in England and raging tornadoes in the States!

  5. Whats the equivalent of Scottish music... ummm.... Morris dancing music (?). Whenever he gets wistful, jingle some Morris bells at him. That should appease his urge for home.

  6. I hear ya on the remote!!! Same in our house. They must all be the bloody same, no matter where they are in the world.

    Sunny here today in Brisbane but we've had our fair share of rain this year. You can have it!

    Anne @ Domesblissity xx

  7. Errr... I'm sorry, "the weather is always better in England?" What the f....????

  8. I agree with This Mid 30s Life. I can't say, after living there for 6 years, that the weather was ever reliably good. Summer consisted of 2 weeks of sunshine in April, then it was cloud and crap for the rest of the year. Seriously, it ain't much chop x

  9. Spend a couple of months in Ireland and see how you feel about those comments you spoilt Aussie brats!

  10. If the weather is bad as that, no thank you. Tempting, but no.

  11. The greass is always greener and all that!

    We live in the good old NE of England now, after 14 years down south and I can tell you there is no place like home (Yes I need some ruby slippers)

  12. I think I may have gone native as I love the Irish weather...Britain always seems too hot or too cold when I go back to visit my family :)

  13. yup I'm in northern ireland and can confirm that the weather here is shit!!! I've lost my back gate and veg patch to the stormy weather. My hair looks a bloody mess and its May so I shouldn't be wearing boots! Not happy!

  14. Ah but don't you live by the sea? I bet it's very beautiful. And nothing beats having family on your doorstep. Tell him I'm in Berkshire right now and it's raining. And it's been windy all week too.

  15. If it makes you feel any better, we had thunderstorms in London yesterday (but to be honest I enjoyed all the thunder and lightning)!



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