Sunday, May 8, 2011

Listography - Bad Combinations

OK, I admit I was struggling a little for inspiration for this weeks Listography. Until, that is, I saw a post from my sister on Facebook which I am shamelessly stealing for this week's theme.

The topic is 'Bad Combinations' and to get you in the spirit of things I thought I'd offer up some inspired suggestions from her and her friends*:

Wind \ Hair \ Lipgloss

Old people \ The Internet

Brush Teeth \ Orange Juice

Playing Playstation \ Itchy nose

Cinema Popcorn \ Cleavage

Sitting in traffic \ Needing the loo

Bixini Waxes \ Dignity

Ok so you get the picture. Obviously none of these people have young children as nobody mentioned number one on my list:

1. Toddlers \ Hangover.
Well any child really, but at least babies sleep a bit in the daytime and at least older kids can be pacified with TV and chocolate. Toddlers just want to jump on your head and tumble down the stairs.

2. Toddlers \ Sudocream.
It's a right of passage isn't it? You left the tub of sudocream on the bedside table and now your 2 year old has bulletproof cream plastered all over his hair \ clothes \ carpet \ toys. I will say no more on the matter because I have a funny feeling Hannah from Metal Mummy will be developing this particular choice.

3. Swimming pool \ Hairy Legs \ Someone you know.

4. Bad Hair Day \ Perfect Mums.
You're tired. It won't matter if you just wear your tracksuit and parka on the school run will it? You can always hide your bad hair under that woolly hat your mum gave you. A pair of shades and no one will know who you are. Will they...? 'Oh coooey - is that you Kate'.

5. Mortgage \ Ireland.
'Nuff said.

Now it's your turn. The list is endless so just pick you own five favourite Bad Combinations and post them on your own blog. Then come back here and put your details in the linky below. And don't forget to visit some of the other entries.


*Thanks to Maria, Ronan and Sian for those wonderful combos. 

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