Thursday, May 5, 2011

Frock it

One of my favourite bloggers in the whole wide web (yes, that's you Mid30'sLife) has just started a meme called Frock It! Basically she want's us to post a picture of a dress that caught our eye during the week.

Now how could I resist that when I'd just seen this:

The Ugly Sisters arriving at the ball


Now, much as I'm grateful to them for making my day, the mystery to me is this: At what point did they both look in the mirror and go - 'Yes. This is the dress for me. I can NOT look better than I do right now.' Or perhaps all their mirrors shattered on contact and they had to rely on each other.

'Oh yes Beatrice, that particular shade of 'skin' blends in so well with your,'

'Why thank you Eugenie. And I must say that Vivienne Westwood is very clever the way she used those curtains from the spare room to make your 'creation'.

'Well, that is true, but what about your hat?! It's a chocolate box delight of piece. Though of course you won't actually be able to sit up straight in the car you know.'

'Oh no matter. I hear the Quasimodo look is coming back in this year'.

Seen any delights you'd like to share? Pop over to Mid30s by clicking here.


  1. YAY!! That makes three people to FROCK IT! I'm stoked. (Can I say "stoked" and not be a surfy? Not sure.)

    Very well chosen and that dialogue is what we Aussies like to call "piss funny." BRILLIANT. Made my day.

    Thanks again. Now if everyone who read this and enjoyed it could also come frock with me, that'd be great...!! xxxx

  2. Oh dear. After the initial sharp intake of breathe, the laughter and then the inevitable tears, you have got to feel sorry for these two. Do they not have 'people' whose job it is not to allow them out of the house (should that be palace?) looking like this?


    Bemused of Bibsey Towers

  3. Bibsey - I believe they have been fired.

  4. Come such thing as people letting them go out like that...they are *Clearly* taking fashion advice from Fergie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. They have SO MUCH MONEY... and that's THE BEST they could do... it beggars belief. And Viv Westwood?? She prob designed that dress for a bet. Ouch.

  6. I know, how mad were their outfits? I think I may have done the blinking double take thing when they appeared on the tv during the "boring bit so lets look at the posh guests"

  7. I was left speechless when I saw them. And not in a good way.

  8. O.M.G. It's so terribly sad. And those hats. Gulp. Alice in Wonderland springs to mind...

  9. Love the commentary! I completely missed the hunched car ride. Awesome!!! Someone's stylist is getting fired...

  10. am I the only one that instantly thinks of Cinderella and the Ugly Sisters - it was my first thought when I saw them at the wedding

  11. I have only just seen that! Hilarious!! How awful!


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