Saturday, March 26, 2011

Listography - Time Travel

Listography is back home this week having spent last week visiting the lovely Manana Mama with 'What I want to be when I grow up.'

During my week off I was flicking through the 'My Future Listography' book that Lisa from had so kindly sent out to myself and the winners of the two Giveaways I ran - Mother Porridge for 'Top 5 Childrens Programmes I Love To Hate' and Mid 30's Life for 'Top 5 Things I'd Like This Valentines'.

Anyway as I was looking through it one list in particular jumped out at me. It's not an easy one, but it's one that I found myself mulling over in bed that night. So, this weeks Listography is 'Places I'd like to Time Travel to (past or future)'.

After much thought, here are my Top 5 Places I'd like to Time Travel to:

1. Galilee 29AD
Whether you're a believer in God or think it's all just a big fairy story it seems almost certain that around this time there was a man called Jesus who had a large following of 'disciples' and caused some interesting events to take place. I'd like to pop by and find out exactly what was going on and how much of this Bible business is true. And even if I don't manage to find out 'The Meaning of Life' at least I might find out how to turn water into wine, which, you know, is probably more useful anyway.

2. Somewhere 2130
Fast forward a couple of thousand years and I'm off to visit my great, great, great grandchildren. Basically I'm just being nosey to make sure I didn't f*ck up my children so much that they couldn't get a girlfriend \ boyfriend \ partner to procreate with.

3. Woodstock 1969
The music, the sunshine, the barefeet and flowers in your hair...perfect hippiedom.
Pic oyustman‑sgrammer‑rwillis‑woodstock

4. 65,000,000AD (or 65 million years ago)
Give or take a few thousand years. I'd like to travel back to a very tall tree for a very short period of time to see the dinosaurs. I'd need a panic button to bring me back if one tried to eat me though. Hmm, perhaps I should have visited an inventor in the future first...

Courtesy of

5. Home, 1980
When the 7 year old me would persuade Daddy to invest his life savings in a little known company called Microsoft. Obviously it would be my name on the deeds. What? Well I had to have a get rich scheme in there somewhere, and the lottery is just too predictable...

Right - I'm handing over to you lot now. Be warned - it's not an easy one. But it does get under your skin so don't be surprised if you find yourself heading off to San Fransisco 1975 when you're doing the washing up, or dancing the Charlston in the roaring '20s when collecting the kids from school.

Can't wait to read yours, so when you've done your post on your own blog come back here and enter your link into the linky below.

Bon Voyage!


  1. Great List! I too would love to check out Jesus...especially how he turned his water to wine...that would a useful skill, lol! x

  2. Oh, a brilliant theme, I love it! Makes me think of Quantum Leap!

  3. What a great idea - I am so in. Not that I can think of anything right now. Will have to sleep on it.

  4. Too many places and all the time to see them. :-) Great list. Interesting reading everyones lists.

  5. Awesome theme.

    I struggled to begin with but then word vomited all over my blog post.

    I apologise in advance x

  6. Brilliant. Truly. I love every single choice... especially the part about seeing how much of this bible business is true. I'm sure it would have been a much different book if witty women like you were allowed to contribute to it!

    Let me know when you get that water into wine recipe! Just not until after Easter.

  7. Great idea, Kate. I had to brush up on a bit of history to participate which is never a bad way to spend Sunday afternoon.

    Take care

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  8. I want to go to Woodstock too! Great List. x

  9. Great list. This is a hard one for me...

  10. great topic:) my list is much different to how I envisaged.

  11. Best Listography yet. I now finally have an excuse to revisit 1994...

  12. I went with a similar idea of cheating my way into some money :P

  13. Love this list. Need to get my act into gear and get back into the Listography vibe. Bring on next week!

  14. Great list! Dinosaurs..very good!

    Oh and your post about blogging, broad shoulders and not being sensitive - you are so right! I definitly need to toughen up!



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