Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Party Political Update

Late last year I wrote a number of posts about the 'Irish Situation' and some of the novel ways we had come up with to show our Government how pissed off we were. With not a little embarrassment I told you of the Irish Government's Big Cheese Solution, and I got the kids to show their general disdain with what has happened. I even wrote poor Brian a poem.

And so it is that I felt compelled to update you on how the situation is developing.

As those inside Ireland know it is the General Election this Friday; the day when basically we can vote for this fool or that fool. The past few weeks have seen the campaigners calling door to door with their leaflets about why we should vote for them. Poor old Fianna Fail haven't a hope 'In the past 4 years we have lost the country 150 squillion billion galillion euros. Vote For Us!'

You can see their party members running up to doors under cover of darkness, slipping their leaflet in the letterbox and legging it before anyone has a chance to lynch them.

Although maybe they're just following some friendly advice:

I guess it's a case of - if you can't beat 'em join 'em...

*This photo has been doing the rounds on FB for awhile now so apologies to those who have seen it already or who I stole it from :)


  1. On Friday you will be able to use your democratic power and select a candidate who represents your views & vote them into power. But please not Enda :)

  2. A country where they give away free cheese sounds like some magical, mystical utopia.

    Then you realise it's to help people through economic turmoil and that sorta ruins it.

  3. Did you see the Michael Lewis piece in Vanity Fair this month? Very interesting. Made myself look like a bit of a twat when I tried to strike up a conversation about it in the hairdressers though. That'll teach me for turning my back on Heat.

  4. Lol - you really should have known better. Hope they didn't take your misjudgement out on your hair!

  5. I am so glad you updated us! I have been wondering how that was going. I think I first discovered your fabulous blog during the cheese ordeal!

    I love the cheese left at the door. We saved you some! hee hee

    I still can't get past this logic of giving it in the first place. Here is some cheese, look at the cheese. Pay no attention to what we are doing to the country. I think politicans are the same everywhere. Slimy, look kraft cheese slices.

    Although... I could go for some brie and crackers...

  6. That's cracking, I do love your political correspondance. Although I probably shouldn't be laughing ;)
    As Carrie pointed out, I love that it's the most processed, unappealing cheese they could find.
    Good Luck Ireland on Friday. May the right cheese win.

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  8. I lived in Ireland on and off for 3 years while The Husband worked on Ballykissangel and have some very close friends, and The Boy's godparents, living there. It's a mess isn't it? Beyond a mess really. I watched the Panorama documentary last week and while Bertie Aherne was being interviewed an elderly woman marched up to him and told him how ashamed she was that the politicians had run the country into the ground. He brushed her off rather rudely then turned to the camera and said 'some people will do anything to get their face on television'.

    Has he always been such a twat or is this just something that has come to him later in life?

  9. Wow, I never heard of this cheese solution. Perhaps if it had been Applewood smoked or Wednesleydale with cranberries people would have been less angry?

    *probably betraying a complete ignorance of the issues and should stick to slagging off the Coalition government*


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