Monday, February 14, 2011

I'm Famous! Plus....Listography

So last week was a bit of a strange one. Having had an article published in the Irish Independent on Wednesday, by Friday I suddenly found myself in the make up room of RTE. (For those outside of Ireland RTE is like the poorer, less professional Irish brother of the BBC). It was only for 10 minutes but it caused great excitement in the Gunn household.

What's she doing in there?
Obviously I was quite brilliant and am now far superior to most of you reading this. The amount of attention I got from my family was extraordinary. Funny how when I'm actually in the room with them I am totally ignored....

Anyway, seeing as it won't be long until I make the leap from small screen to big, (I'm just waiting for the Stephen Speilberg call), and what with the Bafta's being on - I thought it fitting that this week's Listography celebrate some great movies.

So here are Kate Takes 5's Favourite Movies:

1. Jaws

'I think we're gonna need a bigger boat....'.
2. True Romance

 Love this movie - always have, always will. Was just reminded of how much by a friend on FB (Hi Emma!!)

3. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

A perfect family movie. Especially since you can threaten the kids with the child catcher as soon as they've seen it. Highly recommended (the film and the threatening)

4. The Big Lebowski

Probably my most watched movie ever. I just never tire of it. Best viewed with alcohol or similar.

5. Happy Gilmore

Just another Adam Sandler comedy I hear you say. To that I give you the film's best line:
Shooter McGavin snears at Happy Gilmore: 'I eat shit like you for breakfast'
Happy Gilmore to Shooter: 'You eat shit for breakfast???'


There were better and cooler films I could have put in here. The Godfather I & II, Goodfellas, Dead Man's Shoes...but these are the ones I have a real affiliation to.  Hey don't judge me, it's harder than you think.

Anyway now you know what you need to do. Get your 5 movies on your blog then come back and put your details into the linky below.
Looking forward to reading them!

BTW if you want to see the clip of my debut so that you can say you knew me before I hit the big time then here you go: The Daily Show (about 20 mins in): (only accessible for people in Ireland)


  1. Mazel Tov- that is such great news- So happy to have known you even before you became famous-
    I love your link list- I have millions of lists of movies that I want to still post about so I'll get that sorted and link up again- I did just link a post I wrote that had two films- totally understand if you want to kick me out seeing as it is two and not five- I'll do five next time!

  2. Oh eck, for some reason it had prefilled the link bit for me with an old post and the copy and paste didn't work. Could you delete it for me pretty please?

  3. Lazy. Very Lazy. However as I myself am very lazy I will accept your pathetic two movie list.

  4. Done Kat. Thanks for the link up. x

  5. You are famous!! Or should I say "more famous." Certainly you are better than all of us.

    Very pleased to see Happy Gilmore in your list. Classic.

  6. see yours are cool whereas mineare... not

  7. Aah, love the TV photo! Brilliant!!

    Enjoyed the listography too. ;o)

  8. Oh my god. This could be the most difficult list yet. I adore films. I was just made a list of potentials, and then you reminded me of dead man's shoes and now I have to rethink it all.

  9. Linked up again Kate. You are obviously now a complete TV star.

    Take care.

  10. Wow, congrats on your impending stardom! Do we need to curtsey when we comment now? :)

  11. Congratulations, Kate!

    I just discovered your blog through A Farmer's Wife.

    Loving the lists. Will have to join one one day.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  12. It is good to see that I share the same taste in movies as someone so famous and great. In fact, not sure I could do my top 5 now as I would have 3 exact same films as you...

  13. Bod - curtsey or bow - your choice.
    Kerry - of course you may have my autograph - at a small cost.

  14. Great photo - congrats on your elevated celebrity status!

  15. My top five is so embarrassing....*shame*

  16. Ooooh get you on the 'talky box' - that's fab and what a great photo!

    I know I said I'd join in with last weeks listography and I didn't get around to it but I'm definitely in this week. Will write mine now and then visit everyone elses. Think I'm going to be a bit specific with my list...

  17. OMG, has taken me 6 days to realise I didn't buy the Indo, so sorry, does it help that I watched your TV appearance twice? Alright, first time was without sound, I suffer badly with brain farts you know. Look great on TV, bit jealous, I have a thing for Daithi

  18. Really? I presume that's because you watch it with the sound off..

  19. Congrats on your TV interview...would have loved to have watched it but cant view it here in Essex :-(
    Enjoyed your article too...Fab pic of you & the kids...Really interesting read.
    Oh and I have always love chitty chitty bang bang too!

  20. Miss Hoppy - for some reason I can't comment on your blog :(
    Thanks for joining in though. x

  21. la de blooody da! Get you!
    Totally heart Happy Gilmore also.
    mummy p

  22. just snorted at my desk at work thinking about that bit in Happy Gilmore where the ice rink attendant sings Endless

  23. Looks like it's the done thing to congratulate you on your celebrity Kate, so jolly well done! ;)

    Love films and love seeing what other people rate as their favourites so will be checking out the other lists to get tips on good films I haven't seen yet! :D x

    A thoroughly enjoyable exercise!

  24. Great list Famous Kate (congratulations, how cool) - I love The Big Lebowski - it, like the dude, was the perfect thing for it's time and place. I look forward to 'Kate Takes Manhattan', or 'Kate in Space' or the 'Great Kate Caper'(can you tell I watch too many muppets movies?), or whatever the big debut film turns out to be called.

  25. Some bloody awesome lists here! xx

  26. I want to join in but my film loves are so cheesy - I am not an intellectual film buff at all!!

    LOL at your Big Lebowski comment - I can't tell you how many times I was forced to watch this by then boyfriend (now husband) at 3am after a night out when at Uni, funnily enough we don't seem to watch it much these days!

  27. Congratulations! That picture is priceless. Well done, have you got a taste for it now?

  28. Can't believe I'm posting to a celeb! Woo hoo. Great list. I love the Big L and had a major phase of drinking white russians after that film! x

  29. Thanks A.R - like your new pic too!
    WBP - There's something very wrong with that drink...


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