Monday, December 6, 2010

A letter to my online love

I just stumbled on 3bedroombungalows Dear So and So linky and had to jump onboard with a letter to my poor neglected Online Love.

Dear B,
I know I said that I would never let anything come between us, that I would love you and take care of you, nurture you and have fun with you. I told you nothing would ever come between us. I meant it. Really I did. But then someone else came along and offered me something that you haven't yet. I'm not proud to admit it, but yes, it was indeed money. Of course I know it's shallow of me, and possibly shortsighted, but you should see the gifts he gives me! First there was the gorgeous jewellery, then the leather purses, and the clothes...
And I must say he is unbelievably good with the kids - you really wouldn't believe all the presents he's sent for them.
I have missed you though. And I just wanted to let you know that I will be back to give you my full attention before long. You see the money has nearly run out so me and Mr. eBay will be taking a break from each other very, very soon. And then I will be with you again dear Blog, and I promise to be attentive, witty, and completely dedicated to you (well, until the next great offer comes along anyway).

Love and Comments,

Kate would like to thank eBay for the amazing opportunity of taking part in the eBay Mummy Blogger Challenge on Facebook. Kate's Blog would like to tell eBay to get lost and leave them to talk through their recent split in peace.


  1. I bet B she's got you something lovely for Christmas, she's been buying stuff left right and centre y'know.


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