Thursday, November 4, 2010

Here I go again

As some of you know I attempted a make-over the other week - the blog, not me. Though come to think of it...
Anyway, despite your lovely comments I just wasn't happy with it; I felt it wasn't really in tune with what I was actually writing about (being all pretty and girly and everything - the blog again not me!).
So...TA-DAH! I've changed it again.
I will be sticking with this one for awhile so no need to tell me if you don't like it!


  1. i think i preferred the old look - sorry!

  2. i like this one... it means your reader gets straight into it. Keep it.

  3. Mummysquared - did I tell you that I love you? Was starting to panic - feels like I'm having an identity crisis!!


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