Friday, March 5, 2021

The Accidental Soberista - My book about giving up alcohol

It's exactly one year since our lives were turned upside down by Covid, and what a year it has been. 

Something that got me through the tough days was knowing that I had a secret. A project. Something to focus on and something to look forward too. 

It was back in May 2020 that an email landed in my inbox from the wonderful Gill Books asking had I ever thought about writing a book about giving up alcohol. Well, funny you should mention that...

I hug out the 10,000 words I had archived on my laptop from the year before, and so it began. 

I was back to rising with the sun over the summer months, going for a swim, writing for an hour, then diving into my work day. It felt busy but productive, and a welcome escape from the onslaught of daily news updates. 

And now here we are. I have the book in my hands and a few people are out there reading advance copies.

It's both scary and exciting. 

The book details my drinking career, how I got sober curious, and how giving up changed my mind, body, friendships, socialising, parenting and every other aspect of life - for the better. There are lots of embarrassing drunken stories and (hopefully) some inspiration for anyone thinking of giving it a break. 

The Accidental Soberista is out on 2nd April (Good Friday!), and if you pre-order you will have your copy in time for the Easter weekend. Yay!

You can pre-order from 



Outside of Ireland - Book Depository:

A note about pre-orders: 

Pre-orders make a huge difference to the whole book industry - from publishing houses to distributors to bookshops to authors. It helps with planning, promotion, ordering and best-seller lists (as all pre-orders go in to the books first week of sales). 

It's also an absolute joy to get a book through your mailbox when you had forgotten you ordered it! 

So if you can, please do. Thank you! 

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