Sunday, March 12, 2017


I'm having a bit of a blog lull at the moment. The usual life, work, kids juggle is as real as ever, but those moments of snatched peace are now being filled with novel writing rather than mindless mind dumps on here. What I've discovered is that a little every day is far more productive than trying to carve out a four hour session that never actually happens.

So progress is being made. Sometimes I'm excited by it. Sometimes I think it's utter shit. But I guess that's what keeps you chugging down the track when you don't actually know if the station at the end is filled with a welcoming party or an empty crisp packet blowing along the platform.

Anyway, I saw this Snapshot post on fellow blogger \ writer Awfully Chipper's site and decided to join in. Just to prove I'm alive \ have a life.

Snapshot of my life - what I'm....

Listening to: I Have A Tribe. Beautiful piano, mesmerising storytelling, lovely guy. I went to see him just the other week in Whelans and would recommend anyone and everyone to give him a listen.

Watching: Just finished Taboo. Tom Hardy. Now what? Recommendations gratefully received.

Reading: Re-reading The Time Travellers Wife - for novel writing purposes. AA Gill's Pour Me for pleasure purposes.

Looking forward to: Finally seeing a Cat Power gig this week. Last time I went to see her was about 10 years ago. I got stupidly lead astray and ended up sitting in the bar and missing the gig.

Wearing: Jeans, boots, sweatshirts, How did I survive so long without sweatshirts?

Eating: Too many delicious pastries from the lovely little Italian cafe down the road from work.

Working on: The Book.

Frustrated by: The Boys. Will they ever stop fighting with each other? It's the million dollar question.

Enjoying: Life. A wise friend once told me 'You're allowed to enjoy life you know?' It was a bit of a wake up call and I put in motion making choices that made me say 'Yes' instead of 'Oh I really shouldn't'. Also giving up drink has been the single greatest decision in terms of deep down life enjoyment. Cheers to that.

Not enjoying: It says a lot that I'm struggling to think of something - so lets just end on a positive.

See you at the station.

You can read more snapshots over on Awfully Chipper here. 

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