Thursday, February 4, 2016

Women are amazing

We can get a lot of grief sometimes, us women.

Society tells us that we're bitchy, unsupportive, judgemental, too touchy, too competitive, too whatever box it is that we should be placed in today.

But I'm very happy to say that I strongly disagree with all of the above. And I'll tell you why.

Since losing my job last month and writing openly about it here, and in the national press, I have been enveloped in nothing but total kindness by women I know well and those I've never even crossed paths with before. 

Looking serious for the camera. Photo credit: Irish Independent 

I've received supportive calls and texts from my girl friends, I've been given invaluable advice from a couple of other mothers I know who happen to be recruitment consultants, and I've been sent wonderful comments and messages online that have bolstered my confidence and made me believe that actually, maybe, just possibly, this could in fact be a good thing. 

I've had offers of recommendation from successful businesswomen, and calls about partnerships in budding businesses.

I've been added, unprompted, to online groups of ladies that share freelance work and contacts and knowledge. I've had emails from women I've never met giving me addresses and numbers of major editors and lists of people I could and should contact. 

Just today I was invited into the offices of a massive news corporation to meet the impressive women who run the show, and each of them took time out from their manic morning producing the daily papers to offer guidance and opportunity. 

And all the while, with every message and meeting and mail I'm thinking 'Really?! You women are amazing.'

Throughout all of this experience I've only received one negative view point, and that was in the comment section below the online article I wrote.

But of course that was just stupid.

I mean, we all know you never, ever read the comments.

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