Thursday, January 21, 2016

How to Live Lagom with IKEA

Lagom isn't a word you're likely to have come come across in the past. Unless of course you're Swedish that is.

Last year's buzzword 'Hygge' came from the Danes. Hygge roughly translated means to 'make cosy and enjoy the good things in life' - think warm blankets, comfort food, friends and log fires... Nice.

'Lagom' from the Swedes means 'The right amount is best'. Not too much, not too little, just right. A bit like a Swedish Goldilocks with her porridge if you will.

So to Live Lagom is to do what you personally can to live a balanced life - particularly in terms of the environment. Try not to buy too much food that then goes to waste, try to wash your clothes in warm water, change some light bulbs, ditch the car for the local shop run.... Basically it's doing what you can without going overboard.

When IKEA told me about their Live Lagom project I was sold almost immediately. I had become a little lazy in my recycling efforts and one too many times had caught myself chucking a hard-to-wash can or jar in the bin because 'well what difference is it really going to make...?'

Looking at some of the facts available from IKEA brought me fully on board. The £500 I was given to spend on IKEA sustainable products had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with it of course.

If you need some convincing if doing a bit of Live Lagoming yourself is worth it have a look at these:

That's some pretty impressive motivation right there.

My product choices were primarily kitchen, energy and 'hygge-ing' related. More efficient cooking, less energy waste, and more cosying up of our home.

I'll be sharing my product choices and what made the most difference very soon. Once I've unpacked them all that is.

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