Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Twelve months ago I joined the One Word movement for the first time - it's a way of focusing your mind on what you want from the year ahead instead of writing a long list of well-intentioned resolutions that inevitably fail by mid-January, leaving you crying guiltily into the last remaining tin of Quality Street and wondering where it all went so wrong.

The process involves employing a very simple philosophy for the year ahead - choosing one word that brings all your intentions back into focus.

Last year I chose the word FRESH. Fresh starts, fresh air, fresh food, fresh thoughts. I didn't do too badly either. I found the idea was most useful when stuck in a quandary, not sure which side of the fence to jump over on. Go for a run or stay home? Bracing walk on the beach or movie? Pasta or salad? Meet new people or stick around the safe ones? It gave me a new perspective and helped force me out of my comfort zone more than once.

Reflections 2015

For the past few weeks I've been pondering my new word for 2016 and in order to choose it I've once again gone back to the questions of what makes me happy and when do I feel most fulfilled.

My work and hobby both revolve around the worlds of social media, which mean I am constantly distracted - sometimes in a great way, but more often than not in a way that leaves me feeling like I have achieved nothing despite spending hours online each day.

While I love blogging, it's an instant gratification hit. Write a post, put it out there, hope for a reaction or two, and then move on. It's mostly great, but there is no huge sense of accomplishment to it, for me right now at least.

Likewise the things I find myself reading - short posts and articles that raise a smile and then dissolve into the ripples of my every decreasing brain cells.

And so my word to focus on this year is DEPTH.

From finishing writing that book instead of messing about writing posts that serve no other purpose than to keep my blog ticking over, to reading the things that really matter - books that leave you deeply satisfied and articles that bring understanding.

From focusing on meaningful relationships with friends and family to putting my all into new projects instead of half-hearted attempts of 'could do better'.

Reflections 2015

This coming year I'm planning on making my decisions based on things that bring a sense of real fulfilment. I have a feeling this one might be a little tougher than last year- but I'm hoping to train my brain away from the short sharp hit and on to deeper depths.

And so my resolution is to make 2016 the year that I stop taking little sips of the sparkly champagne, and start drinking deep from that hearty glass of red instead.


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