Thursday, December 17, 2015

Lessons in Christmas

We took a festive detour last night. On a whim we decided to join an everyone-welcome raggle taggle collection of carollers on a street corner. The kids in Santa hats, a nativity scene set up on the pavement.

The 7 year old saw the statues and asked aloud in his best everyone-look-at-me voice did we want him to name them all.

As a lax, lapsed Christian I was more than a little nervous how it would go.

'That's the cow' he said, pointing to the cow.

'And that's the sheep' he said, pointing to the ox.

'And that - ' he announced pointing to the baby Jesus


', what's his name again?'

Then louder, to the crowd - 'What's he called again?'

'Jesus Christ' I muttered in despair.

'Oh yeah, Jesus'.

I pushed him to the back of the group and told him to behave. Always a mistake.

'Boring! Bor-rrring!  I hate this one.' he said as the carols began.

'And this one. When can we leave?'

Everyones smiles became fixed. Mine was gone a long time ago.

I grabbed his arm a little too tightly as he accidentally on purpose pushed his brother into an older lady.

Hissing into his ear I told him how much trouble he was going to be in when we got home.

'Stop ruining everything for everyone you spoiled little....'

The music struck up again -

'Peace on earth and mercy mild...'

Yep, Christmas has begun.

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