Monday, November 9, 2015

Couldn't give a f*ck

I read a post the other day that I was just totally in tune with, and it got me to thinking (I know, I know).

Basically it was telling other mums to befriend the older mums at the school gates as they were the ones who were least likely to make judgements on you and your parenting.

It was a joy to read and as I went through it I thought - that's me (and not just the old part). Couldn't give a f*ck what little 'failures' you may have made - because chances are I've made them too.

I've now named this type of parenting as the Couldn't Give a F*ck school of thought, or CGF for short.

And it doesn't begin at the school gates either...

Natural birth - CGF

Six epidurals - CGF

Breastfeeding - CGF

Bottlefeeding - CGF

Infected every baby in Clap Handies with chickenpox - CGF

Last to walk in playgroup - CGF

First to walk in playgroup - CGF

Messy house - CGF

Car so dirty the 6 year old's friend comments on it.
('Wow, your car is really dirty') - CGF

Epic tantrums in supermarket - CGF

Pull ups at 7 - CGF

Mismatched uniform and odd socks - CGF

Pizza for dinner five nights a week - CFG

The list really is endless. But really, I don't care. And the great thing is - I know I'm not the only one.

So as the media stokes the flames of the 'Mummy Wars' I like to think there is army of CGFers marching to their own drum.

Which is probably plastic, broken and been pissed on.

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