Monday, August 31, 2015

Science4You Soap Factory - A Review

We were recently sent a soap making kit from Science4You to test out and review. Science4You produce a range of scientific and educational toys that allow children to learn about scientific matters in a fun way. 

When is arrived in the post Kaya actually did a little happy dance and claimed that she had wanted to try soap making for YEARS. Who knew...?

With her brothers safely packed off out of the way she dived straight in. 

The Soap Factory  provides you with all you need to make a selection of soaps like a seahorse, a fish and a shell, adding different colour combinations and even glitter and different perfumes.  All of the products come with a 36 page educational booklet which delves into the basic concepts of science and how it applies to our everyday life. The booklets are all linked to the UK science curriculum.

As a parent of three kids between the ages of 6 and 11 I have seen a number of these type of kits come through the house - though this is the first Science4You product we've used. Quite often kits are supplied in big boxes which, once opened, produce a disappointing return. I can honestly say that this is not the case with this kit - which included solid soap, colouring, glitter, perfume, pipettes, gloves, moulds and even ribbons and wrap for gifting the finished product.

Kaya and her cousin tested out mixing colours, turning a solid soap into a liquid one and designing their own creations. They absolutely loved it, and although parental supervision is recommended I let them at it themselves - with strict instructions about using the microwave and lots of paper towels for mopping up spilt food colouring.

Science4You prides itself on designing toys that encourage education, fun and quality time with the family and I'd say they definitely hit the mark with this soap factory. 

Each of the Science4You products retail at £19.99 which isn't cheap - but it's a great bonding activity to do between friends, they learn and have fun doing it, and you could even factor in a gift for grandma or their teachers out of it. 

The girls had a really fun morning experimenting and there are lots of products left over for a second go. Plus we now have a lovely new glittery soap in the bathroom to use!

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