Thursday, July 2, 2015

Through Hell and High Water

I've been dabbling in triathlon training over the past few months with vague plans to do 'something' this summer. Having realised that there is nothing that helps training more than pure fear I have bitten the bullet and signed up to some events.

I haven't been training for the cycling because I am completely hopeless at cycling, and I am completely hopeless at cycling because I haven't been training. I really need to do something about that soon...

In the meantime - one down, four to go.


  • Dublin Mini-Marathon (10k run)

Done! With a PB of 53:19.

Credit: Running for Gavin


  • Aquathon (750m Sea Swim \ 5k Run)

This is me in training last night.
Credit: East Coast Swimmers


  • Dublin Triathlon (750M swim, 16k cycle, 5k run). Gulp.

Credit: Alan Rowlett

  • 2K sea swim (with this lot)

Credit: East Coast Swimmers


  • Hell and Back (Adventure race)

I did this one a few years ago and swore never again. And yet...

If you would like to sponsor me for any or all of these events (you know, for extra motivation \ fear \ guilt) I would be extremely grateful. All money raised with go to my friend's charity - The Gavin Glynn Foundation, which you can read more about by clicking the link.

Sponsorship can be sent to me via Paypal at - just be sure to tag your transfer 'Gavin Glynn Foundation'.

I'll let you know how it goes. Unless I chicken out of course.

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