Monday, June 15, 2015

Reaching new heights in the UK

On our recent trip to the Peak District in the UK we were blessed with perfect weather. One of the places I had earmarked to visit was the Heights of Abraham. Isn't it funny how you never know a place exists until you happen to be visiting the area? And then when you do you realise that everybody should know about it. 

And so I'm here to tell you about this gorgeous little oasis. 

Based in the picturesque Matlock Bath, Derbyshire, a little walk across across a pretty river brings you to the entrance where you begin your journey. Watching the small white cable cars ascend and descend the lush green mountains, sunlight twinkling off their windows, I felt like I could have been anywhere in the world. The kids were in awe and couldn't wait to jump on. 

A slow climb, a pause for pictures, even the most nervous would get lost in the beauty of the valley below. 

Once at the top a little oasis of calm awaits. We sat with a coffee overlooking the view while the children ran down the steps to the first wooden playground - happy in their freedom as we watched from above. 

We then moved on to climb the stone tower for more stunning views and the kids burned off some more energy at the adventure playground.

And then it was on to the cave tour where we learned how generations of minors found, claimed and worked the caverns. Children as young as six would work in the darkness, day in and day out.  We may possibly have used this as a threat to our brood for the rest of our stay...

Credit: Heights of Abraham

After the dark, cold and a-little-bit-scary walk we emerged back into the sunshine to take in the beautiful view once more before descending back down in the cable carts.

A beautiful morning very well spent.

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