Thursday, March 19, 2015

Cool Kids - The T-Shirt Edition

I do love a good t-shirt, and the thing I love about kids' t-shirts is how long they last. Unlike jeans or dresses it seems to take years from my kids to grow out of them. We've had some old favourites knocking around here for at least five years. God bless hand-me-downs!

I've been lost in the world of cool t-shirts from Melijoe this week. There are just too many great ones - for boys and girls. In fact some of these I'd nab for myself if only they did adult sizes.

Cool t-shirts for kids

If I had to pick a favourite it would be the old skool Lacoste blue one, or maybe the Palm Tree one by Scotch & Soda or possibly the Australian Trip or...

Hmm, if only we could take the lot.

The beauty of a cool t-shirt is that you can pair it with pretty much anything and still look great. Denim cut-offs, chinos, jeans, leggings, skirts - whatever floats your child's boat. PLUS they wear them all year round so they aren't a short lived seasonal thing.

And what child doesn't love a super soft, super cool t-shirt?

Imagine a life with no 'what to wear' arguments... It's a win-win as far as I'm concerned.

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