Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Seekers

The skies are grey and dull. The dark evenings creep in earlier and earlier. The school run is a whirl of wet raincoats, cold fingers, soggy school bags and frayed tempers. 

Is it any wonder I'm dreaming of sunnier times and climes?

This time last year we were in Spain enjoying the longest holiday of our lives. Although the kids struggled with Spanish school, the rest of the experience was a wonderful one. 

Room with a view

During our time there we became The Seekers - hunting out adventure around every corner. We were swimmers, explorers, snorkellers, divers, hikers and friends. 

We took on challenges we thought we could never do. We joined in crazy Spanish street parties, celebrated ancient Spanish traditions, and shed clothes at every opportunity....

We made new friends, ate new foods, got lost amidst the cobbled streets, walked barefoot over smooth warm rocks, and said yes to every new experience on offer.

All that sunshine forces you to live life outdoors - which is exactly what we want in a family holiday.

Being outside in a sun kissed world with your kids immediately makes you a better parent. Gone are the impatient dashes through the cold streets to pick up the forgotten milk, and in come the arm in arm meandering strolls through the village stores.

Gone are the bickering afternoons stuck indoors watching telly, and in come new adventures down unknown paths.

Our dream holiday?

A little sunny corner of the world to call our own for a short time where we can once again become The Seekers.

The Seekers

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