Monday, December 29, 2014

Fresh Starts

I'm not really one for resolutions, but I do think identifying what makes you happy and then resolving to fit more of it into your life is a key factor in becoming a happier, more fulfilled you. 

For me, two of those things are the great outdoors and tapping into some long buried creativity. One thing I want to do more of this year is improving my photography and getting my lovely camera out of auto mode more.

Here's two attempts from this morning for starters, and it's not even 2015 yet...

Luckily the outdoors and photography go hand in hand, so I'd like to think I'm on to a winner this year. Plus, being out in the great wide open equals happier kids.

Hard to believe that 20 minutes previous to this we were in a cramped and chaotic living room ready to kill each other.

The Sugar Loaf, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

So those are my main 2015 non-resolutions.

In line with this I'm also choosing the word 'FRESH' as my word guide for the year. Mammasaurus and Dorkymum both lead me to this great idea by Suzanna Conway. It's all about choosing one word as your focus for the year ahead; something you can refer back to again and again to make sure you are on your right track.

As you can see I've also given my blog a fresh start for 2015 with a new design. It feels a lot simpler, lighter and just right for me right now.

Fresh starts. New tracks to follow. A clean slate to begin again with. Isn't that what the dawn of a new year is all about? The possibilities, the opportunities, the making yourself the best you can be?

There's still time to ponder your own word for the year. What will it be?

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