Monday, November 3, 2014

10 Best Highstreet Boots


Obsessed with them I am. Surely one of the sweeter parts of impending winter - don't you think?

Since Office discontinued my all time favourites I have been slightly obsessed with finding a replacement pair. Recently I've even been known to run up to unknown people and breathlessly ask them there they got theirs. I did think it was flattering at first, but after watching them either recoiling in horror or giving me a deadpan 'New York' before turning on their perfect heel and gliding away - I'm thinking maybe it's not such a good ploy after all.

I've spent hours online flicking through pages and pages of black, brown, ankle, biker, mid heel, low heel, no heel pairs that I almost lost my mind and gave up entirely. Imagine!

But then I saw this post from all round funny gorgeous girl Suzy and the search was reignited. I googled her boots, popped them in my basket and then just as I was about to pay realised I already had a pair in there.

Clicking on them what did I see but my perfect boot. Soft black leather, mid heel, ankle boots by Red or Dead. 

I think the weeks of searching had taken their toll and the choice range must have rendered me incapable of decision making. 

So I've decided to save you the same fate and bring you my 10 best boots on the highstreet. You're welcome.

Top 10 High-street Boots

I may now own three of these pairs. Entirely reasonable I think, don't you?
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