Wednesday, October 22, 2014



Most of the time we are all so busy rushing around, doing school runs, making lunches, going shopping, tidying the house and cramming work in - that life is one big whirlwind. We live day to day with the tasks of those next 24 hours in our heads, hoping frantically that we don't forget any of them.

Imagine if you didn't make it to the parent\teacher meeting, or the dinner didn't get made, or you missed your work deadline, or your insurance didn't get renewed...We stress about each little task ahead of us and much of the time - that is just Life.

And then something happens that knocks you off that franticly paced road. You stop and stare at the new ground ahead of you. Slightly stunned. Slightly off kilter. And you realise that none of that other stuff is important at all. It's all just dust falling around you. And the real stuff, the LIFE stuff are all the people who you have been dashing past along the side of the road - sometimes hurriedly carrying them to the next crossroads, sometimes stopping for a brief moment to chat, sometimes getting annoyed with them for going to slow, but rarely jumping off the fast lane to just stop, connect and really, really see what Life is all about.

Some people learn this the hard way, when one of those precious people at the side of the road get taken away from them.

Others among us are lucky enough to learn the lesson through them. Watching the heartbreak and having the chance to jump off the road to hold our loved ones close.

Last night heaven gained an angel. And he is beautiful.


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