Monday, September 1, 2014

Making a house a home: 24 hour bedroom makeover

You would think when I moved from a huge plush villa in Spain to a small three-bed semi in Ireland last January that I would have been in mourning for the lost grandeur.


I suppose in a way I was, but I was so very happy to be home and took delight in the little things instead - a roaring open fire in the depths of winter, cosy carpets rather than cold tiles, and family literally just around the corner.

In those first couple of weeks I unpacked boxes, hastily purchased a couple of furniture must-haves, nailed a few pictures to the walls and then sat back exhausted for the next six months.

It was only when the summer sunshine started falling through the windows that I realised things needed sprucing up a bit. And that the windows desperately needed a clean.

Since every room in my little home is over-run with manic children most of the time I decided to start with my bedroom. Supposedly a sanctuary for the soul. A place to relax, switch off, unwind. A beautiful space just for me.

Unfortunately however, it looked like this:

Like most of my projects it was started on a whim and predictably half-way through, when I was precariously perched on a kitchen chair trying to paint to the ceiling behind the bed, I was wondering whether it was actually such a good idea.

It was all very simple though. Completed in a day and with results that make THE WORLD of difference to my nights and mornings.

What I did:
Re-painted the back wall of the bedroom from boring magnolia to baby blue.
Bought a mattress protector, bedding, pillows and cushions in Ikea.
Bought a headboard in Argos.
Hung a picture I already had.

And that's it! But look at the difference!

Love. Now my only problem now is actually getting out of bed in the morning...
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