Friday, August 1, 2014

Triathlon Troubles

I've gone and done it again. I know I should know better after falling victim to it once before, but no - I stupidly signed myself up to do a triathlon.

The first time I did this was two years ago. Prompted by a moment of madness and an over zealous brother I signed up to the Dublin Try-a-tri. Fortunately I survived it, but once I had ticked if off my bucket list there it, and all training, remained.

Until this summer rolled around. Now not only have I signed up to do another one, but this one is (a) longer and (b) in my home town. My over-zealous brother said it would be really handy as I wouldn't have to travel and that I'd be mad not to do it.

And once again I was stupid enough to get swept up in the excitement.

Ten days off the event date and my thinking on this has changed drastically. Believe me when I tell you that being able to walk to the event does not in any way, shape or form balance out the fact that I am going to have to strip off a wetsuit and hop on a bike in front of a crowd made up of 'people I went to school with' combined with 'people I meet every day in Tescos'. This is not good.

Training up to now has been sporadic to say the least. I really should have factored in the school holidays and the fact that three children under 10 can't actually be left on their own before I made such an ill advised decision.

So now not only is there the whole changing-room-in-a-crowd aspect - there's the fear of not making it around the course at all, or (and it may even be worse) finishing last.

In a desperate bid not to let either of those options become a reality I've splashed out on a new bike. I'm putting all my faith in the fact that this will not only help me climb the far too numerous steep hills on the cycling course, but will also help me swim longer and run faster. Not too much to ask is it?

Sexy Bike

Of course now that I've bought it I'm going to have to justify the cost of it by continuing to do more of these fecking things aren't I?

And so it continues. Would someone ever just stop me from making decisions that I am clearly not qualified to make on my own?


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