Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Girl Talk #GirlsAreAmazing

Today sees the 500th edition of Girl Talk magazine being released and with it a fabulous pre-teen feminist campaign #GirlsAreAmazing, which aims to broaden girls aspirations and ambitions beyond just pop stardom, and promote positive female role models. What's not to like about that? 

The campaign is in direct response to some unsettling, if not surprising, results in a recent readership survey. 

In a special anniversary poll, Katy Perry was voted ‘most admired celebrity’ by readers, followed by fellow popstrels Taylor Swift in second place and Jessie J in third position.  With the exception of children’s writer, Jacqueline Wilson, the Top 10 most admired celebrities were all singers or actors. 

The survey also revealed that an overwhelming 80% of young girls wanted to be referred to as “pretty”, “kind” and “funny”, with only 20% choosing “clever”, “strong” or “brave” as important attributes.

I hate to admit it but my nine year old fits this bill too. I do wonder how much of it is our fault. Since the age of two when she curled herself shyly round her Daddy's leg she was told by everyone how pretty she was. Now at nine years old it is an almost expected response from visiting older friends and relations - 'look how pretty you are!', 'oh aren't you gorgeous!', 'don't you look lovely in your new dress'.... Never - 'What book are you reading at the moment?', 'what's your favourite subject at school?', 'what sport do you play now?'

I hold my own hands up at doing the same thing to other people's children and have only recently become more aware of it myself. 

On top of that she and her friends are innocently gyrating dancing to Jessie J and discussing who is prettier - Kate Middleton or Katy Perry. 

To help break the cycle and show our girls that there are lots of other things they can aspire to, Girl Talk will be running the new campaign throughout the year in each issue. They will be featuring career profiles of and stories of inspirational women excelling in sport, science, business, technology and more. 

It's time to show the world that Girls are Amazing - in more than just one way. 

Girl Talk Magazine is aimed at girls aged 7-12. We received a subscription as a thank you for helping to promote awareness of this campaign. 
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