Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I have lots of pictures of my kids together - sometimes all three, sometimes just the boys on their own, and plenty of my 'do you want to take a picture of me?' daughter.

But looking through my snaps to find one to take part in this month's photo linky 'Siblings' (with the ever wonderful Mammasaurus), I realised that I have almost none of my youngest and eldest together.

In our new house the boys share a room and as it came with a double bed they sleep together each night.

This particular night of musical beds Marley had decided he wanted to sleep in my bed and Kaya had decided she didn't want to sleep alone, so in she got beside Baxter, read him a bedtime story, sang him a lullaby and then they all drifted off to the land of nod.


I think sometimes we need to stop lumping our siblings together according to their gender  'the boys' do this and 'the girls' go here. Maybe we need to mix it up a bit and nurture all the different relationships between our kids.

Well maybe I do anyway...

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