Monday, December 16, 2013

Listography - Top 5 personal achievements of 2013

Only a couple of weeks of 2013 left so I thought it apt to have a look back over the year. It was a pretty big year for me, what with turning 40 and all, but I guess that doesn't really count as an 'achievement' as such, so these are some other ones:

1. Climbing Mount Snowdon for Comic Relief. (March)

We came, we climbed, we wore red knickers. And it was awesome.

For 2014 Team Honk are organising a blogger relay from Lands End to John O'Groats. Please don't forget to support them.

2. Running my first half marathon (March)
And when I say my first I mean my only. Ever. And I didn't walk it despite what this picture may say.

At the finish line
3. Made it to Disney World Florida (June)
Courtesy of my awesome in-laws.

4. Moving to Spain (August)
As you do when you have a mid-life crisis and start looking for an adventure.

5. Writing the first draft of my book (Dec)
Which was in fact one of my goals for 2013, although I had labelled it my least likely to achieve. Turns out it was the only one I actually managed, which kind of proves how useless those lists really are. Thanks NaNoWriMo for kicking my butt into action just in the nick of time.

So what about you? Has it been a big year, or just an 'I got through it' year? Why not join in with Listography by going back through your blog and Facebook updates and seeing what your own personal achievements were - you might be surprised at how much you have forgotten about. Then just write your own post and come back and linky up here. Try to pop by some of the other entries too, and then you're free to enjoy writing a whole new set of goals that won't be achieved for 2014...

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