Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween in Spain - same but different

Well that's another first for us ticked off. -Halloween in Spain:

Normally the kids would spend the entire day waiting to get dressed up to go trick or treating around the neighbouring houses. Hours would be spent perfecting their look, which would then be entirely covered up by a big winter coat so that they didn't come back home with hypothermia.

This year they spent the day in school (no half term here - just one day off), and then we raced back home to finish off their costumes before heading out into the town.

The tradition here is not to knock on the doors of houses but to visit all the shops in the local area - sweets, crayons and even icepops were popped into their bags along the way!

There were street games organised

Even the adults got into the spirit of things

And families gathered for their evening meal in the square.

They met their friends, ran riot around the shops, ate their own body weight in sugar, and then it was all back home to watch Ghostbusters. A pretty successful Halloween I'd say.

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