Friday, October 4, 2013

The Gallery: Through the eyes of my phone

Ok so I know I should be working but Tara's The Gallery has just popped up on my screen and the theme this week is Through the eyes of my phone .

How could I resist?

Being an avid Instagrammer some of my fondest photos have been captured on my iphone. Last year I got a massive poster of all my favourite Insts-pics printed up and framed and I hope to do one every year from now on.

Camera phones are just so accessible, always on hand to grab when you see 'a moment'. I could pick 100 pictures to put in this post but I'll stick to the rules and choose just one, simply because it would never have made it if I had had to get up, go find my 'good' camera and then take the shot.

Happy Pasta Boy:

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