Thursday, September 5, 2013


And no - I'm not referring to my belly.


Anyway. It was bound to happen sooner or later.

It was the latest house move that did it. We had spent the last few weeks living in the lap of luxury at my in-law's gorgeous villa, so our introduction to life in Spain was one of utter indulgence.

Having not found a permanent place to stay yet, on Monday we moved to our temporary accommodation - a small 3-bed villa apartment, with pool and view. But, as we settled in we realised - gasp, shock, horror - there was no working wifi.

Since we both now work from home this was a major spanner on the works.

Cue stress, panic, depression, doubt and any other emotional emotion you care to throw into the equation.

Previous to this I had noticed that since being here the kids would throw all their toys out of the pram as soon as something didn't go to plan for them (not literally - they're much too old for prams, besides we ditched all their toys before the move).

Most of the time they are far happier than they would be at home however when problems occur we get episodes such as:

'Mummy it's not fair! All my friends in Ireland have our favourite teacher again and I'm not even going to know my teacher here. Why did we have to come to stupid Spain'

'Mummy I'm too hot. I hate stupid Spain'

'Mummy I hurt my toe. Stupid Spain. I want to go home'

The reasons Spain is so stupid range from the understandable to the ridiculous - but it seems that every little hurdle or hiccup results in the same reaction.

And I fell into the same trap myself.

But 48 hours later - with internet restored - all is well again.

And with a view like this it really is hard to stay stressed for very long.........

(And thanks to the lovely ladies who held my hand during the wobble - you know who you are. x)

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