Thursday, July 25, 2013

Going Natural with skin care

Over the past few months I've been moving to natural skincare products for both me and the kids more and more, and have been planning on writing a post on it fr some time.

First off I had a reaction to my beloved Dermalogica and had to ditch it, then the kids had an even worse reaction to their suncream whilst in Florida, add to that their eczema which means a ban on all bath products and it was only a matter of time before I had to come up with some alternative solutions.

Having recently heard about the wonders of coconut oil for just about everything, I then found a lovely blog called Reviewing Natural Beauty which gives some great natural replacements to loads of different products. Not long after I got sent some lovely natural products to review.

So a few months down the line,  having tested out honey as a cleanser, witch hazel as a toner, baking soda as an exfolient and a heap of other natural and 'natural' products (note the use of sarcastic inverted commas - read the ingredients people) - here are my favourites:

First up coconut oil - fab as a body moisuriser and I use as a hand cream all the time when cooking. I now have jars in the kitchen and bathroom and slather it on whenever I get the chance. Also great as a deep conditioner for hair.

Weleda Skin Food - I discovered this via Natural Beauty Review and it is truly fab. It can be used on hands, feet, elbows or even as a face mask or deep moisturiser at night. And oh my God did I mention the smell? Heavenly. I adore this.

Next up is a new find for me Organic Babies and Organic Children ranges by Green People. Although of course I don't have any actually babies anymore this doesn't really matter. They sent me their sun cream and mum and baby balm to review and I'm delighted to say I absolutely love them both.

The sun cream is top quality with a gorgeous texture and easily absorbed. I've smothered all three kids in it in this unusually hot weather and not once has their skin shown even the tiniest reaction. A definite must buy for anyone who has kids who suffer from sensitive skin. The balm is again a lovely texture and can be used for mums and babies - great for eczema, breastfeeding mothers, dry skin, sore patches. Their credentials are second to none and if you want convincing just take a look at their site.

Finally good old Neals Yard comes up with the goods again. They sent me some lovely products from their Bee Lovely range which is not only raising funds for, but also campaigning to Save the Bees.

The products don't disappoint - the hand cream is lovely, the bee balm for lips, nails and dry patches is a fab additional to anyone's handbag, but their bath and shower gel topped the chart here. My poor deprived kids couldn't believe their luck when I added it to their bath. Shocked faces and a delighted chorus of 'we have bubbles!' made the mother guilt rise to the surface once again. I really should have sorted this out a long time ago. Once again no reactions at all - apart from big grins all round of course.

Disclosure: The Green People and Neals Yard products in this post were sent to me to test out and review. 

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