Monday, June 17, 2013

The Blackberry Z10 goes to SeaWorld (Review)

Just before heading off to Florida last month those lovely people at Blackberry sent me their new Z10 to try out. The Z10 is BlackBerry's attempt to claw back the touch screen market - most notably from that pesky lot at Apple.

Knowing I am a die hard iPhone user myself I had to admire their confidence that I would love it.

For design and style it's a big pat on the back to BlackBerry from me. Thin, lightweight, with a large screen and very sexy white casing I must admit I started to falter...

The first aspect I set out to test was their camera - a majorly important point for me - and what better place than Sea World in Orlando to take a few snaps. All of the below are unedited images.


Kaya pets a dolphin

Are we nearly there yet?

Nana and Gramps, Kaya and unknown monster

Team Gunn

I'm not sure that the clarity is quite as good as the iPhone but I did love the larger screen (4.2'' v iPhones' 3.5'') as well as their fabulous 'story maker' feature. This allows you to select photos and put them together for an instant video - complete with a choice of music and filters. 

Here's my SeaWorld 2013 Story Maker in 'Retrospect'

I should say that this was my first attempt using the feature - but I'm looking forward to doing some more professional looking ones soon!
Other than that the big pluses that seem to be on the Z10's side is processing power and web browsing. (The Z10 can access games and videos on the Internet that require Adobe Flash). The major minus is less storage capacity.

Other than that it's purely individuals preference. 

So was I swayed? 

Swayed - yes. Converted - not quite. 

Disclosure: The BlackBerry Z10 was sent to me for the purposes of this review.

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