Sunday, June 30, 2013

News Flash! Kate Takes 5 to disappear!

Well for some of you anyway.

Google in their infinite wisdom have decided to ditch their popular Google Reader so if you subscribe to Kate Takes 5 via this (or indeed through my RSS over there -------------> then please take a moment to use one of the alternative ways to never miss a post. Or at least to make sure you keep in touch even a teeny tiny bit.

You could of course subscribe by email which means each post will be delivered to your very own inbox along with a cute bunny and a box of chocolates. (I may be lying about the cute bunny and the chocolates - but then you won't know until you do it...)

Or you can jump on the Bloglovin' train and find me and LOADS of other amazing blogs to fill up your time with when you should be working. Do pop over - it's worth a look.

Hope this isn't the last I'll see of you lovely folk as I've a big announcement coming up!

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