Thursday, May 2, 2013

Cyberjammies - you NEED these in your life. (Review)

Last week a beautiful box was delivered to my doorstep with a promised pair of Cyberjammies pajamas for me to try out.

Despite selling for the past 10 years in John Lewis, House of Fraser, Fenwick Group, and online at Figleaves and Amazon I had actually never heard of Cyberjammies so I had no set expectations.

They were boxed up beautifully and on opening were almost too pretty to pull out. 

The 'Strawberry Fields' range that I was sent are made of the softest cotton - sooo comfortable. They felt like putting on that favourite old t-shirt that you just can't bear to part with despite it having holes in the back and smelly underarms....except that instead of looking like something from Fright Night you resemble something that your other half might actually like to cuddle up to. The first night I wore them there was no cuddling however. I fell asleep at 8 o'clock when I lay down with the four year old and didn't wake up until 12 hours later - something that hasn't happened to me in, um, how long have I had kids now? Anyway, I reckon they weaved a magic spell on the whole household because 12 hours sleep without hearing the pitter patter of tiny feet just doesn't happen around here.

I've tried to take a photo that does them justice but unfortunately there was me in all of them ruining the view. To be fair though I've looked through the Cyberjammies website and even they haven't managed to capture the magic. All I can say is this: Go and get a pair of these pajamas - you owe it to yourself.

I should warn you though - my bedtime routine has been getting earlier and earlier since I received my pair. I suspect I will soon be coming home from the school collections and slipping into them then, and if that's going to happen sure there's not really much point in getting dressed at all is there? I think I may need to order a few more pairs....

Disclosure: Cyberjammies sent me a pair of pajamas for the purposes of this review. All words, opinions and 12 hour night sleeps are my own.

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